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Good morning sisters and brothers;
As I was sitting at my desk in my office this morning thinking and praying about my homily for this Sunday, I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit tugging at my sleeve. 
Without knowing why, I picked up my keys, walked to the sanctuary, unlocked the door and walked in. 
The sanctuary was bathed in ethereal light filtering in through the ancient stained glass windows. I stood at the main altar for a brief moment, thinking about the thousands of Holy Eucharists that have unfolded here since 1861. 
I took a couple of steps and stopped at the organ and thought about the music ministry that has always been an integral part of Christ Church. I looked up at the organ pipes and imagined the thunderous notes that have proclaimed the Gospel so beautifully for so long. And standing between the choir pews, I felt the presence of the countless choir members who have added beauty to the services with their voices.  
I walked by the pulpit and imagined past rectors preaching the word. 
The framed colours of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment caught my attention. Shrined behind glass, they are a reminder that sometimes peace comes at a heavy price. These do not merely represent the names of soldiers fallen in battle. They represent life stories, young men who had dreams and aspirations, and whose families were shattered because of their absence. And I thought about my journey in becoming the military Padre of the Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment. I am honoured, and will be meeting with a recruiter soon. 
I walked down the aisle, examining the stained glass windows on both sides. I felt the smoothness of the wooden pews as I walked along, stopping at one to pick up a prayer book. 
I walked up the stairs of the spire, each of my footsteps echoing upwards, upwards. 
And as I sat down on the back pew of the church in the balcony, I realized why the Holy Spirit had led me to this spot. 
In the deafening silence of the empty sanctuary, I suddenly heard something. 
It was the sound of all who have ever worshipped in this historic and sacred place. 
It was everyone in our little reflection group, sitting there with me, communing  with the divine. 
It was a joyous sound. 
It lifted my spirits and reinforced the certainty that we are never alone. 
In those moments of darkness and doubt, the light of the Risen Christ will light the way.  
We are not alone. 
This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. 
My prayer for you is that you open your hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to move you in ways you thought not possible. Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in all you do. 
Let us pray 
Come, Holy Spirit, creator, and renew the face of the earth. 
Come, Holy Spirit, counsellor, and touch our lips that we may proclaim your word. 
Come, Holy Spirit, power from on high; make us agents of peace and ministers of wholeness. 
Come, Holy Spirit, breath of God, give life to the dry bones of this exiled age, and make us a living people, holy and free. 
Come, Holy Spirit, wisdom and truth; strengthen us in the risk of faith. 
Diosito me los colme de bendiciones y alegria 
I love you 
God bless our little reflection group.