Monday Lunch Program

The Monday Lunch Program is run every Monday morning from 11:30 - 12:30 all year around, rain or shine, including holidays. We have a dedicated team of caring volunteers, who help make the individual lunches every week. Each person who comes to us is greeted with God's love and compassion. 

 The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is all year round, to meet the needs of those in need throught our community. Recently in partnership with the Child and Youth Care Accelerated Program of St. Clair College; donations of children's book, colouring books & crayons to children within Chatham-Kent.

The Mitten Tree

 During the cold months of the year, we see an ever increasing need of our growing homeless population. Many items are either purchased or donated by individuals sharing their knitting/crocheting skills. Items including socks, hats, gloves/mittens, sweaters and scarfs.

 The Little Food Pantry

 The Little Food Pantry can be found at the foot of the stairs leading to the Church Office and Hall. The pantry is available all year round for all in need of emergency groceries or personal items.

Prayer Shawls

These beautiful shawls were made by parishioners from Christ Chirch Chatham. They are created by a group of people who knit and crochet. Perhaps you know of someone who is struggling with a health issue; has suffered a loss, or needs to know that someone cares about them. Prayers are offered as each article is created. Please feel free to take one of the shawls. There is no cost, and we only ask that you write in the book provided; the date, the article you take, and to whom it is given (relative, friend, etc.), and sign your name.