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Buenos días hermanas y hermanos ;

Recently I drove to pick up our order of vegan bread from a bakery. It was a beautiful cloudless day with an impossibly deep blue sky. On the way home I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road as an ambulance was headed towards me with its lights and siren on. 

On my right side quite close to the road was an enormous cattle barn. All along the side of the barn were small openings, windows without glass panes. I could make out the silhouettes of hundreds of cows standing in the darkened interior. Suddenly, one of the cows poked its head out one of the openings and stared at me. It was beautiful, light brown with some white around its mouth and ears. We stared at one another for quite some time. And then, from the adjacent opening, another cow stuck out its head. This one was white and black. They seemed to recognize one another and began rubbing their heads together. They then proceeded to lick each other's faces with joy. Quite suddenly, both of them disappeared back into the darkened interior of the barn to join the nondescript silhouettes.  

I cried all the way back to Dunblane. 

When I arrived I sat in my favourite prayer spot with the sunshine streaming in. Crookshanks was asleep on the sofa in the corner. He raised his head and looked at me for several seconds. I think he must have sensed that my heart was heavy. He came over, rubbed up against my leg, and then sat silently looking out the sliding glass door. He was enjoying the day with not a care nor worry in the world. The way it should be. 

Let there be peace on Earth