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Saludos y bendiciones hermanas y hermanos; 

Last week I was sitting in the sun looking out over the Copacabana Deck. I had just refilled the bird feeder and was amazed at the sheer number of birds that were feasting on the wild bird seed. There must have been at least 300 of them. Starlings, Blue Jays, Juncos, Sparrows, Black-Cappd Chickadees. It was a wonderful spectacle. I had spread a lot of the wild bird seed on the ground beneath the feeder, and in minutes the ground was covered with birds. From time to time , the birds took flight, startled by something in the distance. They left the feeder all at once, as though they were part of a single organism. It was effortless and lightning fast, like a nerve impulse. I had the sliding glass door just slightly ajar so I could hear their happy calls. It also afforded me the luxury of hearing the sound made by hundreds of little wings flapping when the group took to the air. It is a lovely sound, like a magical harp being stroked. And from time to time the Blue Jays and the Starlings acted like schoolyard bullies chasing the others away, but this was short lived. 
As I was getting ready to get up from my chair, this lovely little sparrow landed on the Copacabana deck. He stood there, perfectly still, looking down at his friends feasting beneath the feeder. He was tiny and some might think somewhat drab. Unlike the Starlings whose feathers are iridescent, or the Blue Jays whose feathers are deep blue bordering on purple. Or the lone  crimson red Cardinal who did not join the madding crowd but chose instead to watch from the very top of the Sycamore tree. But as I stared at the little sparrow, I realized that it was perhaps the most beautiful bird I had ever seen. It was very self-assured, standing by itself taking in all the sights and sounds. Its feathers had beautiful autumnal tones and hues that spoke of mother earth. And just before it took flight, it turned its head my way as if to say hello. 
Nature is simply amazing. 
Nature is surprising 
Nature is beautiful.
Nature is fragile. 
My prayer for you today is that you take the time to head outside and commune with God's beautiful creation. And who knows what treasure you might find. 

Let us pray 

A creation care prayer from the Church of England. 

Living God, you call us to
be good stewards of this earthly
home, strengthen us to care for 
your creation; forgive us when,
through our greed and 
indifference we abuse its
beauty and damage its 
potential. Empower us, through
your Spirit to so nurture and
love the world, that all creation
sings to your glory. 


Diosito me los colme de bendiciones y alegria siempre
I love you