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Good evening sisters and brothers;

Last night was particularly beautiful here at Dunblane. As is often the case at dusk, I went out for a walk to admire God's creation.

Earlier during the evening I had been looking at photographs taken at Dunblane when I had first arrived from Mexico more than 41 years ago. I was shocked. The farm was essentially devoid of trees. The wild meadow was a flat sandlot with scruffy grasses growing here and there. It was a barren landscape. 

After viewing the old snapshots, I decided to walk among the trees . As you have read in many of my reflections, trees are my friends. They bring me joy and comfort. They are carbon catchers that provide shade and shelter for the many species of birds that call Dunblane their home. Years ago when there were no trees, we hardly had any birds. Today it is difficult to sleep past 5:30 am because the birds are so vocal in welcoming the new day. There is no sweeter sound. 

A friend of mine , may he rest in peace, was a member of the Delaware Nation. When he would come to visit, he always had interesting stories to tell about nature. He told me about the spirits that inhabit the natural world, and I was especially interested in learning about the spirits that inhabit trees. 

Last night I walked slowly, taking the time to stop at each tree along the way to touch the bark. I was seeking a connection to the spiritual world. 

This past week was a challenging one. I felt the need to go pray in our outdoor grotto, which is of course surrounded by trees. As I was walking, I had the western horizon to my back. The sun was just getting ready to dip below the horizon when a shaft of light seemed to come out of nowhere. It was so powerful that I could almost feel it rush past me. And it came to rest on our towering catalpa. The inside of the tree was completely lit up, while the foliage was unaffected. The inside branches seemed to be glowing, as if on fire. I stood there dumbfounded. The Holy Spirit had once again guided me to a thin spot, and the worries of the week simply melted away. 

And as quickly as the shaft of light had appeared, it vanished into mid-air, leaving me breathless and refreshed. 

God's beautiful creation should leave us all breathless. 

We have managed to create a forest here at Dunblane. It is an amazing and life sustaining legacy. 

I am asking each and every member of our little reflection group to plant as many trees as possible. There are nurseries close by that specialize in native trees. Together we can make a difference. 

Let us pray 

Gracious and loving God, creator of heaven and earth. We, your humble servants, give you thanks and praise for the beauty of today and for the splendour of your creation. You created trees to provide shelter and shade. Give us the awareness to be better stewards, and guide us as we plant trees. Let their roots take hold, allow the rainfall to nourish the ground, and make us ever mindful of the importance of our task. May the trees we plant grow in grace and beauty, and may they be life-sustaining for generations to come. 


Diosito me los colme de bendiciones 


I love you 


I am very serious about this, sisters and brothers. We need to take better care of mother earth. 

Have a lovely and peaceful evening. 

Your homework for tonight is to send me a picture of your favourite tree. Once I get enough pictures, I will make a collage and send it to our little reflection group.