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Good evening sisters and brothers; 
After a very busy day I returned to Dunblane rather tired. I had not eaten much throughout the day and was looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea to finish the book I had been reading. But the beauty of the day beckoned and I headed out for a long run, bundled up against the cold wind. 
It was a difficult run. The wind gusts were fierce as I headed toward the half-way point. As I turned and headed for home, I realized that I had made a mistake. Although I had a tailwind that was propelling me down the road, I realized that I was suddenly running on empty. Every step was laboured and the farm seemed a million miles away. My constant companion was my lengthening shadow. And just when I thought that I could not run another step, I kept going. I was thankful when I reached Dunblane. 
My run this afternoon can be used as a metaphor for life. So often we set out on journeys without being prepared.We live busy lives dictated by strict schedules and obligations. We keep going, even though we realize that we need rest, peace, reconciliation. Yet we do not listen to what our bodies and souls are telling us and we push the limits. And as so often is the case, we reach a point where we look down and realize that we are running on empty. 
We all know that feeling of spiritually running on empty. This is not a sign of a lack of faith. No, it is a sign of our humanity. Life is beautiful, but it can throw some nasty curveballs our way. The important part is being able to identify when we are running on empty, and what to do about it. 
The answer is quite simple. 
Take a moment to be still and to feel the healing presence of the Holy Spirit. 
Take the time to pray.and ask for spiritual nourishment. 
Embrace the thin place that is the connection to the divine. 
Feel your spirit gaining strength. 
Take deep breaths
Let us pray 
O God, your unfailing providence
sustains the world in which we live
and the life we live. Watch over 
those, both and day,
who work while others sleep, and 
grant that we may never
forget that our common life depends
upon each other's toil;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Diosito me los colme de bendiciones y alegria 
I love you